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In the CMS world of Adobe AEM, we create content in production. While the bottom up model works well with conventional Application Server managed systems, it is not the right solution for Content Managed systems. It poses a challenge to effectively QA content changes with the proper approval process. The AEM authoring server preview interface is inadequate for this purpose, since it does not represent the live site with all of the site’s functionality.

Agile Zone’s “Content QA” Adobe AEM add-on solution solves this problem. It is created with essential CMS functions in mind — Author, Approver and Publisher. “Content QA” provides secure and simple interfaces for authors, approvers, and publishers. By establishing a reliable system to separate production content roles, “Content QA” offers a robust and comprehensive solution for production content quality assurance.

“Content QA” converts one of the existing (or new) production AEM publish servers into a preview server. Once an author has changed content, “Content QA” provides a lightweight, easy-to-use approval interface for quick and easy approval or disapproval of those changes. If proposed changes are rejected, Content QA notifies the author via email that a proposed change is disapproved and must be re-done. If changes are approved, those changes can go live once the approval process is complete.

At the Author level, “Content QA” augments AEM’s OOTB Author server with an easy-to-use Author interface that allows new content to be sent for approval to the Publish server.
“Content QA” also adds an approver interface on the AEM Publish server to streamline the approval of new production content once the quality assurance process is complete. This interface is the same as the end-user or consumer interface, so the approver knows exactly what she is approving and how it will look and behave when it goes LIVE and is available to the end user.

Content QA is simple to configure and can be deployed in a few simple steps. It is also flexible enough to accommodate the organization that combines the approver and publisher roles, or that sometimes combines all three roles into one. Content QA does not modify the AEM core code-base, meaning that it will not interfere with future AEM upgrades.

Content-QA is written in Java, JSP and JQuery. Out-of-the-box AEM libraries are used, so there is no need to install third-party libraries. In most settings, Content QA can be installed, configured, and operational in less than one day.

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